We offer a variety of design services that can greatly benefit your wants or needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Ask us! Before you head on and read below, here’s a fun fact about home staging that you should know:

DID YOU KNOW… A professionally staged home spends about 73% less time on the market compared to those without staging and on average are sold for 25% more than homes without staging!

Lived Staging: We can work with homeowners furniture, or we can replace or add extras pieces of furniture required to give a property a contemporary look for selling. But as always, everything starts with a consultation, please get in touch with the Style Expressions team to schedule a consultation.

home staging

If you are thinking about selling your home, then staging is what will set your property aside from the rest! We stage all levels, from condominiums to luxury homes. Decisions are made based on the buyer’s first impression, which is why it is crucial to have your property staged before any other move to get it valued at a top price. Staging also helps ensure the listing photographs online come out beautiful and will give the other party a better idea of the layout before even walking inside that house for a physical tour. Whether you are the seller, realtor, or investor, we help stage the property for an appealing aesthetic at first glance that will make the home memorable.

Vacant property staging is just as important as it can be difficult to measure in terms of space. Placing furniture and accents in an empty home will show buyers its full potential and allows for a better visual when it comes down to making a decision. We will arrange the perfect furniture pieces and accessories from our up to date inventory that will suit the space and persuade the potential buyers to place that offer! Just like a model on a runway, our team will certainly turn the property into a model home.

Luxury homes require luxury and we know how to provide it. Luxury homes have to portrait a luxury lifestyle in every detail, they need to be staged to the expectations of a luxury buyer. We know exactly how to make that happen.

interior design

We help create beautiful interiors that suit your preferences and lifestyle along with our expert advice that can add a nice touch to the overall finish. We believe in transforming the space to design the perfect ambiance to go with the setting. Allow our expertise to save you from the time and trouble of decorating your interior. Here is a list, but not limited to, of some of our specialized interior design and decorating services:
– Colour consultations
– Furnishing selections and layout
– Space planning
– Lighting
– Art and accessories
– Material choices and much more!

As always, everything starts with a consultation, please get in touch with the Style Expressions team to schedule a consultation.

displays for commercial photoshoots

Take your business photoshoots to the next level by hiring our design team to put together a professional display that will resemble your brand.

We create appealing displays while adding the perfect touches to make the photographs stand out and speak to your audience.

Product launch? Advertising? Studio photoshoots? Contact us to book a consultation to go over all the important details and learn about what we can offer for your company.

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