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I wrote this one a few years ago! its call “the crown”

For a long a very long time, she could not look at the day with love! she could not look ahead pass the fog and the clouds! She could not understand why it seemed to be better or fairer for others and not for her!!! She felt worthless and wonder if anything would ever change for her!!!!!!!

One day going through some old keep sake boxes, she came across a toy crown her mother give her once.  She remembered how she use to pretend to be a fair and kind queen!  and how good it felt!!! and it was then, that she knew, life is not always the way you wanted to be! but the way its meant to be!!!!!!!  From then on she wore her crown with pride! it was her crowning glory! She could look at  everyday with confidence!

For she was the fair and kind queen!!!!!   M.R (Me)

Great day darlings! Embrace your “You” Ness!!!!!!! 😉 ❤

Why Professional Photos and staging are crucial to stand out from the crowd.
The importance of professional photography when selling a home is paramount to a successful sale. A professional photographer will know the best angles to photograph and will have the best equipment to take stunning shots and will know the best way to focus on vignettes and details.
Today 98% of buyers will first research properties online, so having the best digital first impression is crucial these days.
Ensuring a perfect show of colors, art and furnishings is essential to create a sense of flow and space. Try to avoid strong colors that pop out, for example, red, orange and especially bright yellows. Some regular culprits are colorful more traditional fuzzy carpets. Having any Imbalances will distract the viewer’s eye to them when looking at the photos, instead of allowing them to appreciate the architectural features of all the rooms.
Investing in professional photography is as important as investing in professional staging for picture perfect photos to show off your beautiful staging.
As a certified and accredited Master stager with 17 years experience in the staging trade I will design a different and unique staging look for each property, that will ensure flow and function throughout the property. To show its bestselling points and true potential. We aim at making buyers want to move in!
We will leave the property photo ready for the photographer to work their magic.

We are a hardworking staging family, ready to help you with all your staging needs. We have an extensive inventory of accessories, furniture and furnishings at our disposal.

We stage both Vacant and lived in properties, from condos to brand new builds.

We serve Oakville and most surrounding areas.

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